Summary of email support

SLIM Companion Explorer offers the following functionalities to manage emails in SharePoint / OneDrive for Business:

  • extract email metadata from msg and eml files during uploading
  • capture email metadata in SharePoint / OneDrive for Business columns
  • preview msg and eml files in the browser (without opening Outlook or another email client)
  • open attachments in the previewed emails
  • mail links
  • email documents (and folders) stored in SharePoint / OneDrive for Business as attachments

Additional benefits are:

  • fast (by using parallel processes and caching techniques)
  • easy to deploy (no software installs)
  • suitable for use in an environment where users need to access dozens of site collections or subsites
  • support for custom metadata (and Content Types)

Explorer enables organisations to use SharePoint / OneDrive for Business as an email archiving solution by extracting email metadata and supporting custom metadata.

Note: the current version of the tool supports msg and eml files. Support for other email formats will be included in a future release.

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