Which columns do I need to capture the email metadata fields?

1. Create the following columns (e.g. site columns) to capture the email metadata. You can choose your own column names. Alternatively, use columns that have already been defined on your system.

Property Type
To Single line of text
To Address Single line of text
From Single line of text
From Address Single line of text
Cc Single line of text
Cc Address Single line of text
Bcc Single line of text
Bcc Address Single line of text
Subject Single line of text
Send Date Date and Time
Received Date Date and Time
Attachment Yes/No
Conversation Single line of text
Email Categories Single line of text

2. Create a new Content Type and add the columns. Alternatively, use an existing Content Type.

3. Add the Content Type to your Document Library, Picture Library or Asset Library.

4. Download the properties.txt file from SharePoint (same location as the tool itself).

5. Modify the email section in the properties.txt file by entering the internal SharePoint column names.
For example,
# msg metadata
NB: the internal column names are often different from the visible column names. Use the tool's "Settings" menu and then expand the "List details" to list the internal column names.

6. Upload the modified properties.txt

7. Close and open the tool

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