How does SLIM DIYM work?

SLIM DIYM shows the Livelink (Content Server) and SharePoint content as separate Window Explorer like trees in a single web page.

When a user drags content from the Livelink (Content Server) tree to the SharePoint tree an inventory of the selected items is made. This circumvents unintentional migrations of large data sets and allows for quality checks to be performed prior to starting the migration.

Upon confirmation by the user to proceed, the folder structure (or document set or document library) is created in SharePoint to mimic the Livelink (Content Server).

After the successful creation of the folder structure in SharePoint the selected items (e.g. documents, emails) are downloaded from Livelink (Content Server) and uploaded to SharePoint.

SLIM DIYM achieves a high migration throughput rate by:
- using the browser's memory instead of the user's hard disk
- download files using parallel requests (up to 6)
- upload files using parallel requests (up to 6)

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