Does LL Navigator offer performance benefits?

Yes. Some examples are:

  • Browsing via LL Navigator is faster than standard Livelink / Content Server since only a small part of the screen needs to be rebuild.
  • Common operations like browsing a folder require typically 60 % less network traffic. This will particularly benefit users that connect under constrained networks conditions.
  • LL Navigator caches structures to provide a faster response and then automatically checks for changes in the background.
  • LL Navigator allows for multiple parallel processes for uploading and downloading (default 6x) whereas the standard browser interface or Livelink Explorer, Livelink WebDAV or Enterprise Connect only use a single process.
  • LL Navigator checks if a document already exists prior to uploading the document
  • Opening LL Navigator only requires the transfer of a 240 kB HTML file from Livelink / Content Server.

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