How do I upload emails from Microsoft Outlook to Livelink using LL Navigator?

It is not possible to drag email(s) from Microsoft Outlook directly to Livelink / Content Server. This requires a two-step process:
a: drag the email(s) from Microsoft Outlook to your desktop (or local computer)
b: drag the email(s) from your desktop (or local computer) to LL Navigator.

If the Livelink / Content Server instance is configured with Livelink Explorer Pro 4.8.x or OpenText Explorer 10.0 or Enterprise Connect 10.5 and the target location is an E-mail folder LL Navigator will automatically extract the email metadata such as "From", "To", etc.. and capture this in the E-mail folder.

LL Navigator also supports previewing of emails in the browser by hovering the mouse over the email icon. It uses pre-fetched metadata values to deliver sub-second performance.

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