What is SLIM Companion Email Manager?

SLIM Companion™ Email Manager is a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) App that that extends the standard SharePoint / Teams functionality for emails. It offers fast previewing of emails and email attachments (Office, pdf, , jpg, …) in your browser and allows quick navigation between multiple emails. The App can automatically extract email metadata (To, From, Subject, ...) during uploading and capture values into SharePoint columns. It also allows for attaching SharePoint / Teams documents to a new email with a single click.

The tool is easy to use and requires minimal user training. The tool adds buttons to the standard ribbon and options to the context menu.

Specifically the tool allows users to:
- quickly view emails in a browser
- view email attachments (Office, pdf, jpg, ...) in a browser
- efficiently navigate through a large number of emails
- extract email metadata (To, From, Subject, ...) during uploading and capture the values into SharePoint columns
- tag emails
- directly attach SharePoint or Teams documents to a new email

Additional characteristics:
- optimized for performance by using caching techniques
- typical load time to view an email is 1 s
- support for views
- support for filtering/sorting column(s)
- support for large libraries (exceeding list view threshold)
- support for tenant wide deployment
- resilience for network / server glitches

The App is build using SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and needs to be deployed via the SharePoint App catalog. The tool works with SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. Email Manager supports the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Opera and Safari plus the Teams app + Teams web client.

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