What is the difference between SLIM Companion Migration Manager and SLIM Companion Email Manager?

The tools are very similar in name and functionality but there are several differences.

a. SLIM Companion Migration Manager has its own user interface (tree structure) whereas SLIM Companion Email Manager is fully integrated into the existing SharePoint interface.
b. SLIM Companion Email Manager does not mimic the SharePoint site/library/folder structure as Windows Explorer.
c. SLIM Companion Email Manager does not support retaining the original modification date when uploading items. This requires an add-in with full control and that is not allowed on SharePoint Online.
d. SLIM Companion Email Manager does not provide content reporting capabilities. It is also not possible to purge major / minor versions for selected items.
e. SLIM Companion Email Manager does not enable the user to exclude sub folder(s) when using "Download & Zip".


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